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AGA predicting a large surge in domestic NFL sportsbetting action

In the United States and the American Gaming Association (AGA) trade group has published the results of special surveys showing that this year’s edition of the National Football League (NFL) will likely attract a record amount of domestic sportsbetting action.

The advocacy organization used an official Thursday press release to explain that the exercises predicted that 46.6 million adult Americans could feasibly wager on professional gridiron football contests this season. The latest edition of the NFL is due to begin from tomorrow evening with the Los Angeles Rams hosting the Buffalo Bills before finishing on January 8 via Super Bowl LVII from the 72-seat State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona.

AGA predicting a large surge in domestic NFL sportsbetting action

Meticulous methodology:

The AGA detailed that its forecast followed last month’s completion of online surveys from prominent market research firms Morning Consult and Kantar that polled the opinions of 4,210 Americans into the upcoming 103rd edition of the world’s most prominent professional football season. The group noted that the results of these commissioned exercises were subsequently extrapolated to produce a figure that was 3% higher than the predicted 2021 tally of approximately 45.2 million.

Remote renaissance:

Bill Miller (pictured) serves as the President and Chief Executive Officer for the AGA and he disclosed that up to 23 million adults could now be seen placing an online wager involving this season’s NFL action, which would equate to a swell of 18% year-on-year. The experienced professional went on to announce that the associated in-person tally may well rise by 2% to top six million although the rate of those utilizing a bookie is expected to tumble by an identical margin to 13%.

Current crest:

The AGA is tasked with representing the interests of commercial and tribal casino operators as well as suppliers and other entities affiliated with the gaming industry from across the United States. The organization additionally pronounced that the use of bookies is some 50% higher in American jurisdictions that have yet to legalize some form of sportsbetting although the legitimate sector has so far processed over $50.4 billion in handle this year to generate more than $809 million in associated federal, state and local taxes.

Read a statement from Miller…

“The sustained interest in NFL wagering reflects the growth and continued maturation of legal sportsbetting across the country. สล็อต777 Consumers clearly want legal sportsbetting options and understand the regulated industry’s foundational commitments to responsibility.”

Legitimate lift:

The AGA asserted that sportsbetting is currently legal in 35 American jurisdictions containing something like 132 million people, which equates to around half of the nation’s total adult population. The organization moreover declared that Connecticut, Kansas, Louisiana, Maryland and Wisconsin recently joined this club to potentially add 18 million more punters and see such aficionados ‘moving away from bookies and toward regulated options’.

Cardinal contenders:

As for the top picks to win Super Bowl LVII and the AGA singled out the Buffalo Bills and Tampa Bay Buccaneers with 9% of the polls’ votes followed by the Los Angeles Rams and Kansas City Chiefs at 8%. The organization finished by proclaiming that 14 of the 22 American jurisdictions that host an NFL franchise now allow legalized sportsbetting with only Massachusetts, California, Florida, Ohio, Minnesota, Texas, Missouri and Georgia missing out.